Where’s the Snow?!

Canva - Snow Covered Bench Near Snow Covered Bare Tree

‘Tis February 29th! This February has given us an extra day and to me, that’s an extra day to settle in for a good read before the month is out. Yay! However – as the month ends, I have to ask, just where in the %^$% is the freaking snow???

This picture here is one we have YET to have seen here in Central Virginia. Today, it’s chilly, but pretty enough to spend some time outdoors. One day before this winter is over, I hope we see more snow than the few flurries we saw last week. I can’t recall ever in all my years a snowless winter like this here. Ever! Hardly any snow this month and none at all in the recent November, December, nor January. Quite weird, unusual, and not good. The kids haven’t had a snow day.

Yes – that IS unusual here!

Sometimes we see snow in March, but typically we would have had a grand snowstorm of sorts by now. So to see this February and its extra day leave without several inches of snow around here is new. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I’ve returned to the cozy mystery series (Nikki Harper Mysteries). I’ve begun the first of the series by Cheryl Crane, real estate broker and daughter of glamorous Hollywood movie star, Lana Turner. Each of Cheryl’s books, following Nikki Harper, real estate broker by day and sleuth by day and night, plays on the titles of her mother’s famous movies. I love them! They’re fun, familiar, and well, cozy.

My review on The Bad Always Die Twice – the one I’m reading again now. (Worry not, no spoilers!)


I’ve started on my own cozy mystery story. I should have known that would happen one day, especially having grown up on reading Nancy Drew and watching TV shows like NBC Mystery Movies! It’s fun to write too! More details soon…

Missed my thoughts, in the meantime, on the classic novella, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman? Here’s the link… as you’ll see I had a whole hell of a lot to say about it. Recommended read and yes, I’m still reeling!

How are you enjoying this extra day of the year? What are you up to? What are you reading? Please share… and enjoy your day!!

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