The Tonya Rice Literary Universe (“TRLU”)

billmurraygday 2In the wake of the quarantine and living in a production of the movie, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray, productivity has finally returned to me. I’m back to writing and I can’t seem to stop! It’s not too unusual for me to be up until the wee hours, and even until sunrise, for me to get lost in my story. That occurs when we’re simpatico and there’s really no other place I want to be. At those times, I’m so wide awake and willing to stay up and up just to keep writing. Thankfully, it’s the spot I’ve been in for the last few nights… or mornings, if you will.

It’s been a great diversion, that’s for sure. My TBR pile has increased and books are becoming available frequently that I’d put on hold through my libraries via Overdrive. When I’m on a roll with my writing, my reading pace slows down a bit. The darndest thing is that I desperately want to read these stories too before I lose my place in line with them, and I can’t get to them all. To my sadness, I’ve wound up putting some back on hold, with the hope and prayer that I’ll have the time for them when they return.

This story is one that I’ve been dabbling at for a few years. These characters here have let me know that they’re connected to the historical novel that I’ve been working on as well. The fascination of watching that happen and understanding just how is grand! That earlier story is in another rewrite and we need a bit more space before we can commune once again.

Wonder Woman twirl, Lynda Carter

Even so, the folks in this modern day piece have given me the opportunity to give them a place in what I call the Tonya Rice Literary Universe (The “TCLU”), [yeah, of course, props to Marvel for the notion **big grin here**, even though I’ve been a DC fan since forever and that’s so beyond my point…]; thus, keeping the other story working well in my head. The characters of the earlier story remain alive and their tale is constantly shaped for the better as I see where this one is going and their eventual connection. My adrenaline is pumped as I sift through this current story each night and knowing how the pieces fit with the others is moving me along quickly. The first story was always destined to be the first of a series, but I didn’t know how far into the future it would come until now.

Photo: Tonya Rice

This awesome and ginormous mug my husband got me for Mother’s Day is a tremendous help! It’s been constantly filled with delicious coffee and a delightful dollop of whipped cream. (My daughter got me one in black for Christmas… shhhh, I think he forgot, and I’m just so happy to have both!)


The challenge with all this, too, is thinking about both stories at the same time and as I draft notes as I go along on this current one – thoughts, phrases, ideas, quotes, and situations of the characters in the first piece also fly around my head and I have to jot them down as well. Note this: I’m not complaining. Not one bit! After a lengthy writer’s block, I welcome all of the voices talking to me and giving me the chance to decipher the stories they need me to tell.

I’m so excited about it and even more thrilled to have this news to share with you so you’ll know that I’ll have a new book coming to you soon. Yay!

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8 thoughts on “The Tonya Rice Literary Universe (“TRLU”)

  1. I love it when the characters are talking to me, talking to each other, and forcing me to write. When I hit that place in a manuscript I’m working on, I, too, can work all night. Good Luck. BYW – great coffee mug.


  2. I’m excited for you, Tonya! It’s a great feeling when the words flow and the characters are doing the heavy lifting for you. Try to get some sleep soon.😉


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