My Writing Routine – these days

Once I'm finally sitting and concentrating(!), I use WriteWayPro for my first draft (the outine feature helps me quite a lot as I move ahead; I can see the story beginning to shape up clearly). Sadly the WriteWayPro company is no more, so their support is gone. I'm okay with that though, since I've been … Continue reading My Writing Routine – these days

Writing Through the Fear

Abduction pieces in the news rip me apart. Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard, a major bestseller, was about just that. I couldn't read in when it came out back in 1996, in spite of the fact it was the first book of Oprah's Book Club. I remember, too, being marveled by a … Continue reading Writing Through the Fear

I Read Banned Books, Too – 2019 edition

Each year around this time, the American Library Association encourages bibliophiles like me to acknowledge the erroneous judgment of those who continue to seek censorship in our schools and libraries. It calls on us to celebrate the list of banned books, which lengthens every decade, during Banned Books Week, which is going on now (September … Continue reading I Read Banned Books, Too – 2019 edition

Grand Opening: A Novella is Available in Paperback!

Now also available in paperback is Grand Opening: A Novella (The Boutique Series #1)! Yay! Grand Opening, a romantic suspense story, is the first book of The Boutique Series which features the life of Eden Harper, owner and operator of Richmond's hottest couture boutique, Josi's Boutique, her family, her business, and her love - Nelson Donnelly, … Continue reading Grand Opening: A Novella is Available in Paperback!