Metalious(originally published on my now-defunct site, “Tonya Rice – Writer” 09/15/10)

As a writer for (Richmond Landmark and Historic Districts Examiner), I’ve been blessed to find a way to blend my love of history, especially my hometown, and my ramblings of odd knowledge and put it all on a page. While I seek an agent or a publishing house for my (finally done) first novel, I’m out there writing and I can tell others that’s what I do. I’ve got a byline now!

Here’s my latest article!

All of my life it’s been my dream to write stories for a living. I’ve always had the picture of Grace Metalious (author of Peyton Place) in the back of my mind as that determined author, come-what-may, come-hell-or-high-water, I’m-an-author-damnit kind of writer! That mesmerizing, haunting black and white image of her hovered over the typewriter, at the kitchen table searching for that one word to make the perfect sentence…That’s been me. (The pic was on the back of my old paperback of PP.)

Yet, I stumbled. Even after I graduated from one of the country’s best writing colleges – Hollins College – I panicked. Afraid to see my words in print… but, as my teachers encouraged me over the years, I realize it’s a gift. I just have to keep working on it to make it even better. The perfectionist in me keeps me from writing sometime.

But since my husband and kids finally see me at it, they’re egging me on and I’m blessed to go forth.

So, now I’m happily staying up late with joy to finish my thoughts beyond a private journal.

The newest thing is spreading myself out on this social media stuff… but that’s another rant!