The Simple Joys of “A Sonnet a Day”

Today marks the final day of Sir Patrick Stewart’s reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, which he began reading back in March (the early days of the quarantine). Has it been that long??? I didn’t realize how much I’d come to cherish those short moments of hearing his lushious voice in all of his Jean-Luc Picard glory each day until today’s post said “Sonnet 154. The final one.”. ***Insert Lucy cry***

So, occasionally, I’ll share them here in order. They’ve been a jewel during these days. It’ll be an honor to have them here and I love the fact they’ll be easy to access when I need to hear him speak these verses. I haven’t read Shakespeare in quite a while. I’m in the mood to read King Lear now as a matter of fact. No idea why, but, what the heck?

And now, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sonnet 1:

I hope you enjoy them as I do!

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(p.s. – I’m still trying to get the hang of my blog’s new text editor :/ )

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