How to Visit Scotland, Aspen, Atlanta, Kentucky, Virginia, Syria, Turkey, and England in a Month by Never Leaving Home!

I wanted to share an enticing review of my short, Burying the Bitter, by my online friend, Janet Morrison. (Thanks again, Janet!) It’s in great company with other books, especially the thriller involving farmlands and the government (!). I’ve added a few to my TBR. Check out Janet’s blog, too ( She offers great reviews on some interesting books and motivating writing updates on her upcoming novel, also set in the South.

Janet's Writing Blog

The books I read in October took me on a virtual world tour!

I’m a newsaholic, and October was packed with “breaking news” here in the United States every day. It was a juggling act for me to keep up with the news, write my blog posts, and read as many books as I could. I hope my remarks about the books I read last month will pique your interest in one or more of the books or authors.

I had such a pleasant time reading books in October that I had to break my blog post into two posts. In case you missed it, here’s a link to last Monday’s post:

One Mile Under, by Andrew Gross

One Mile Under, by Andrew Gross

This 2015 environmental thriller by Andrew Gross started with a mysterious death in Aspen, Colorado and morphed into the story of a…

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The Balance of Writing

I could easily let Joan Didion's words speak for me as they simply do, but I'd be remiss to use this spot not to elaborate just how this is the case. Since the dawn of my time, I've kept a diary, journal whatever one may call it now. It captures my thinking to process the … Continue reading The Balance of Writing