Introducing NovelEssence Writing Academy

Photo: Tonya Rice (The chaos around my desk is gone for right now!)

Several years ago, after writing and publishing my stories and meeting and working with other writers – budding and those who’ve been on the journey for years like me – while helping to run our family-owned business, I decided to further my education and pursue my masters with the concentration in writing fiction. I knew how much more alive I was (and am) when writing stories, but when I returned to school, I recognized the strength and confidence I gathered when working with other writers who loved writing and reading fiction as much as I. I also rediscovered the value of helping other writers get out of their shells and publish their works that I hadn’t experienced in years since my undergraduate days. I cherished working with them, being one to help and motivate them… I’d found and accepted my additional calling to write – it was to also coach!

While fighting for my own time to write while living, wife-ing (I guess that’s a word!), parenting, working, and being, I developed systems for my time to write, taken some courses (in addition later to grad school), and joined various writing communities and groups. With that came the recognition for the desire to coach writing. For years, I’ve been the go-to person among my family and friends when it comes to any questions pertaining to writing. I’ve never minded it one bit. I’ve helped children (in addition to my own!) with writing stories and motivated and guided adults writing theirs – and loved every bit of that time. Offering assistance to writers in workshops about their stories-in-bloom and them giving thoughts for consideration as they moved along in them was something I found I respected as well. As I help others, I’m also helping myself, motivating myself, encouraging myself – the mirror effect that it allows me to give to others is the best part.

Along with my desire to write and read novels all the time (!), my mosaic background in education, publishing, sales training and management, and copy-editing has provided the perfect foundation for me to coach fiction writers, beginning and otherwise, to reach their goals of writing and publishing. My past retail management life even chimed in letting me know its value: “The Boutique Series”.

I know what busy looks like, with family and the myriad of other obligations we have. I also know the call of that novel knocking against your head to be written. It’s one that really can’t be silenced. If it is, it’ll still keep knocking until you get to it and finish it. It’s quite an un-pleasantry. So, I’ve had to fight to get my time to do it. It’s that important. In order to reach my goals, past and ongoing, those systems of mine were created out of necessity for sanity as well.

Photo: Tonya Rice

From all this has stemmed NovelEssence Writing Academy. The desire to help others reach their writing goals when they think that time is in the way. Even as they may question their own ability, and to be the necessary force of motivation and support they may feel they’re not getting around them. Knowing that feeling simply drives me to give.

A productive writer – one at work at her craft, it doesn’t have to be all day either – is a happier person, which makes a happy spouse, parent, person. Trust me… I know!

The photo of my desk reveals the order around it – for now. I’d been up seemingly for hours and days on end getting everything ready. Now, my beloved position entails the opportunity to help writers with the strong desire or even a spark of desire to write a novel to reach those goals, to let them know they have the time to write it – even if they don’t think they do – and to let them know that they CAN write it!

Don’t try to quiet the desire.

Maya Angelou expressed it best:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

If you or you know someone with that goal in mind, stop by NovelEssence Writing Academy ( right now. I can help!

Also, Do you ever think about writing a story? I’ve got some terrific writing prompts you can use! Click here for my FREE 25 Fiction Writing Prompts and write away!

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