Climbing the Amazon Ranks!

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Burying the Bitter: A Boutique Series Short is on the move today on Amazon! I can’t be more proud of this story to reach so many people and quite happy to say the least! With its love story, there lingers a very serious topic that’s loud today as it should be.

Eveline’s heading back to Richmond for her uncle’s funeral. It’s a service she’d prefer to miss. Uncle Neville was not the kind, old uncle the rest of the public deemed him to be and remembering his life is not what she wants to do.


During the service she’s counting down the minutes for her flight back home in Atlanta. Only when she spots a familiar face from her past, she reconsiders going back so soon. Dodge Mallory. The one every girl in high school wanted, including Eveline.

One embarrassing afternoon with him changed her life. Did he remember her? Did she really want him to? During one short trip, Eveline is forced to face all of her demons at once. Past and present.

Burying the Bitter introduces Josi’s Boutique, the featured setting of “The Boutique Series”.

It’s #2 in the 45-minute Short Fiction Reads, #8 in African-American Women’s Fiction, and #11 in Family Life Fiction.

The way Eveline navigates her way through her return home still speaks to me as it did when I wrote it. Thanks to you dear readers who’ve gotten it and to those who will. Please feel free to leave a review too.

It’s free on Amazon – click here:

To get to other e-book reader formats – free there, too – click here:


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