A Paranormal Romance – Arnie Somers by Tonya Rice

arnie cover2My short novel, Arnie Somers: A Novelette, is a sweet, fantasy story that’s great for a Halloween time read. Right now, you can get your copy for free! Details below:

Beloved veterinarian, Arnie Somers, is faced with the horrible possibility of losing his wife to a devastating auto accident. As she struggles to survive, Violet tells Arnie that he must realize the time has come to hand over her favorite brooch, an heirloom, to their daughter. Arnie certainly doesn’t want to hear such talk. He believes if she doesn’t think about giving it away, she’ll pull through and they’ll be back at home together in no time.

Several years later after coming through that ordeal, Arnie must deal with his own medical emergency. The crisis of the heirloom returns and Arnie must face a decision that he never would have ever pondered before that moment!

Arnie Somers: A Novelette is a poignant tale of everlasting love and a testament to the power of an eternal bond.

“A short story with a big heart about the realization of unconditional, transcendent love and how it blossoms even in life’ s darkest hours.” – Five-Star Amazon Review

Get your copy now!

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