My Writing Routine – these days

Graphic: Tonya Rice

Once I’m finally sitting and concentrating(!), I use WriteWayPro for my first draft (the outine feature helps me quite a lot as I move ahead; I can see the story beginning to shape up clearly). Sadly the WriteWayPro company is no more, so their support is gone. I’m okay with that though, since I’ve been using it for so long. I may look for another program in the future. Must admit, I tried Scrivener, but so overwhelmed by it :/ – so my current program is it for me right now.

Then – I move it all to Microsoft Word to print, and Then – I edit it with my red pen. Yep – a red pen. I make the changes in Word and keep at it (reprinting sometimes if needed) until it’s done.

Evernote is always on stand by along with miscellaneous post-it notes and envelopes for notes and ideas. And last but not least, headphones tuned to either white or brown noise, Coffitivity, or Classic R&B, yacht rock, 40s music, or classic rock, depending on my mood.

(From a recent IG writing challenge post of mine – Join me there.)

What’s your typical or atypical writing routine? Feel free to share in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “My Writing Routine – these days

  1. My problem lately has been a lack of routine. I’ve been working ahead on my blog posts, so my novel-in-progress has suffered from neglect. Like you, I tried Scrivener but the learning curve was too much for me. I wish I had WriteWayPro, since it sounds simpler to use. I do start out with an outline. I outline scene-by-scene with words, phrases, and some sentences. If my characters start talking, I go ahead and include spurts of dialogue in the outline so I won’t lose the inspiration of the moment.

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    1. I like your outline process! It’s so important to know it doesn’t have to resemble what we learned in school. That was enough to scare folks away from it! It should include passages and dialogue as they come to you so you know where they go. I try to print out the outline for that reason
      and type it in later. Otherwise, it’s on a post-it note and I have to remember :/ BTW, I believe the WriteWayPro program is still available in the basic form for free. Please check! If so, try it! Let me know…


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