Grand Opening: A Novella is Available in Paperback!

Eden paperbacktemplate2Now also available in paperback is Grand Opening: A Novella (The Boutique Series #1)! Yay! Grand Opening, a romantic suspense story, is the first book of The Boutique Series which features the life of Eden Harper, owner and operator of Richmond’s hottest couture boutique, Josi’s Boutique, her family, her business, and her love – Nelson Donnelly, son of one of Classic Hollywood’s first black stars.

Amazon 5-star review for Grand Opening: A Novella (The Boutique Series #1): “A beautifully written novella of believable characters in high stakes living. Ms. Rice nailed the drama of disappointment, hurt and its aftermath.”

So, you now have two options: e-book and paperback! Can’t decide which? Well… you can do as I do – See you have your e-book on hand, by way of your tablet or smartphone, in case you happen (gasp!) to leave the paperback at home or are in place where you simply can’t pull out a paperback… you get my point, right? 😀 Believe me – it works!

Find out more about Grand Opening: A Novella and place your order here!


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