Publication Date set!

Eden kindleGrand Opening, my next story, and also the first book of “The Boutique Series” will be published on June 14, 2019!

This romantic suspense story follows Eden Harper, owner of Josi’s Boutique, and her beloved Nelson Donnelly, son of one of the first highly-regarded black actors of Hollywood’s golden years. Eden and the boutique were first introduced in Burying the Bitter: A Boutique Series Short.

About Grand Opening:

After four years, Eden Harper’s esteemed fashion boutique is getting a makeover, an overhaul actually. Not only is she excited; so are her dedicated customers, the city, her family, and her beloved Nelson Donnelly. While the work’s being done, Eden discovers a major deficit in the renovation budget. The money had been stolen from her bank account! So, in addition to worrying about who stole it, concerns about paying for the work weighs her down more.

When the opportunity for getting the money repaid arises, she’s grateful, but she also discovers the additional costs – for the boutique and her life with Nelson as she knows and loves – that come with it are too much for her to bear. How much of that price is she willing to pay?

Mark your calendar and get your ebook reader available for the download!


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4 thoughts on “Publication Date set!

    1. Thanks so much!! It really felt good getting back to it; it’s now out of my way so I can give full attention to my historical piece. BTW, a bit of Old Hollywood is in there. 😉

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