Arnie Somers: A Novelette by Tonya Rice

arnie4 (2)After a great deal of consideration, I’ve made a title change to one of my books. The Heirloom: A Novelette is now titled, Arnie Somers: A Novelette.

That previous title has been needling at me for quite some time. The story is much more about Arnie than the heirloom and this change best reflects that. It’s a sweet, poignant tale with a five-star review. After reading the blurb below, if you haven’t yet gotten your copy, go on… head over to Amazon and get it for 99 cents. Please feel free to share your thoughts about it with other readers on Amazon, Goodreads, and other book sites you use.

Thank you!!

Arnie Somers: A Novelette by Tonya Rice (Magnolia Bay Publishing, 2015)



3 thoughts on “Arnie Somers: A Novelette by Tonya Rice

  1. Hi, Tonya. Between retiring and then getting a virus that put me out of commission for most of the summer, I never had a chance to read your novelette. Now that day has come. Congratulations on this achievement.

    Now that I’m retired, I plan on devoting a lot more time to my writing. I revamped my blog and have a new address for it Eventually, maybe I’ll even write an ebook for parents about how to boost literacy in the home. Hope that you have a wonderful fall and will keep in touch. Rita


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    1. Hi Rita. Thanks so much! Congratulations on retiring from teaching in the classroom. I’m sorry you’ve been ill and happy to know you’re back up and running! I know you’re not retiring from teaching! Your motivating reading tips in your posts are always welcome. Just read your latest post. I’m always finding those small pockets to read, hoping my habit will rub off on those around me consistently! Enjoy your fall too and I look forward to staying in touch. ~Tonya


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