35 Things You Cannot Do To Your Writing Dreams #SundayBlogShare #writers #writerslife

This needs to be shared… I need to remember this, myself.


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If you have ever decided to walk away from writing you will know about the emotional turmoil that goes hand in hand with this decision.

The hardest part is knowing what to do with your writing dreams. So you set about trying to rid them from your new non-writing life.

It’s only after you return to writing, some weeks, months or years later that you realise your attempts of eradicating your writing dreams from your life were futile.

Here is a list of the things you cannot do to your writing dreams:

  1. Ignore.
  2. Lock away in a suitcase.
  3. Run away from.
  4. Hide in the attic in a box.
  5. Forget.
  6. Throw away.
  7. Destroy.
  8. Bury in a hole in the garden.
  9. Walk away from.
  10. Avoid.
  11. Flush down the loo.
  12. Escape.
  13. Leave by the side of a road.
  14. Give to someone else.
  15. Hide behind the sofa.
  16. Attach to a rocket and launch into…

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2 thoughts on “35 Things You Cannot Do To Your Writing Dreams #SundayBlogShare #writers #writerslife

  1. Thanks for sharing this post Tonya. I needed it. Been guilty of a few of these lately. Still, the stories never left, we’re always on my mind. And I’d come back to typing it. You truly can’t escape writing.

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