New Book Explores the Strange Ways Classic Movie Stars Celebrated Holidays

My fellow classic film pal, Will McKinley, bridges my love for Classic Hollywood and books with his post here about Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays. He even brought a lump to my throat with his homage to Dewey Decimal 791.43, my other favorite hiding section along with fiction when I worked in the library. I miss working there… I had an excuse to be there hours on end. Enjoy this awesome post…

cinematically insane

DebbieAs a classic film-loving kid, I’d often while away my weekends in the open stacks of my local library, thumbing through over-sized picture books celebrating the stars of black-and-white Hollywood.

This probably explains a lot about my later life, like why I wore 1940s-style sweater vests every day in high school and didn’t have a date until after I graduated. But my teenaged angst notwithstanding, those Saturdays spent with the old movie stars of Dewey Decimal number 791.43 are something I would never trade. In the era before Google could show you everything ever published on every topic, the basement of the Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library was my search engine. And those musty books were my portal to the past.

Fast-forward thirty years, and I’m still a sucker for a book filled with gorgeous pictures of classic film stars. And they don’t come gorgeous-er than Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays, a collection of…

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