Thank you Veterans

(Originally posted in my now-defunct blog, “Tonya’s Writing Cottage”, 11/11/10)

americanflagEach year on Veteran’s Day, I pause and give thanks to the sacrifice our servicemen and servicewomen have given to my country, the United States of America. I come from a family of military veterans, so it is no small feat for me to understand the gratitude these men and women serving today deserve.

My son was born on Veteran’s Day, shortly after Operation Desert Storm ended. I found his timing to be extraordinary. He knows how significant his birthday is to be shared with our celebration of our troops and their work. I really thought it was fitting in some way that he was born on that particular day, since his father served in the Marines, my grandfather was among those who landed upon the shores at Normandy in World War II, my uncle served two tours at Vietnam, and my father served in the Air Force. However, more pause to the day was given to reflect upon the life and loss of his paternal grandfather who was killed in action in Vietnam.

As we continue to welcome our troops home from war’s end, furlough and discharge, I think of them as they finally fall into the arms of their families. I also think of the families who have a flag, tenderly and respectfully folded in the honor of their loved ones who are now no longer with us, with grace and gratitude. I also thank and pray for those who continue to defend America along bases and various assignments around the globe.

Thank you troops and thank you to your families for enduring, much more closely, your sacrifice for all of us.

To honor those lost in war, visit the Virginia War Memorial and The Carillon (Virginia’s World War I Memorial). Both are located in Richmond.


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