I Don’t Do Love Letters Anymore

Thoughtful post on the loss of love letter writing by Rebekah Pierce, a novelist and playwright in Richmond, VA.


love letter
In today’s fast paced society, it seems as if no one has time to express love in written form. We are all too hooked up to social media and other distractions like text messaging that do not allow room for genuine creativity. When was the last time you either wrote a love letter to someone or you received one? Listen, a love letter is the most romantic thing you can give to your beloved. Why? Because to pen a letter shows that you truly do care for them. It tells them you took time out of your busy schedule to sit down and truly “think” about you – about how you make them feel. To express love through pen is the ultimate gift, and as the old poets knew, to pen love makes it eternal. The words do not have to be fancy or clever. What makes a love letter…

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