The Rory Gilmore Book Challenge

I love a book challenge and since I’ve (FINALLY) started watching The Gilmore Girls, after hearing from so many folks (including my kids!) about how they’re shocked I’ve never seen this show because they think it’s so me, I’m in… the link goes to the list of Rory’s books that I’ll pass along to my daughter. I’m going through to see what I’ve read thus far… Join in!!!


rory gilmore book challenge

Hello all 🙂
The New Year is a great time to take part in new book challenges, So in preperation I’ve already signed up for the Eclectic Reader Challenge 2012, and I have now decided to participate in another which I discovered through The Reading Life of a Bookworm’s blog. This challenge is The Rory Gilmore Challenge!
Who is Rory Gilmore you ask?

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